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In 2023, Sports Tomorrow Congress will delve into the key role of human and machine cognition in sports development. Our congress is aimed at both the athletes themselves, and all those professionals who are part of a wide range of disciplines applied to sport.

This year, the congress will focus on expanding the boundaries of sports training into cognitive and mental skills to keep moving forward and reaching new heights. Knowing how to stimulate the creativity of the players, improve their self-confidence, and maintain good mental health or deal with anxiety is essential for any athlete or team which wants to reach their maximum potential.

On the other hand, computer cognition is already part of our industry. Different types of artificial intelligence have already created value to sports institutions with a diversity of models and simulations. Digital twins that predict venue operations, automated content production, second-screen experiences or new human-machine interfaces in the early stages of the Metaverse are just some examples. This new scenario is expanding the business opportunities into a more client-oriented distribution of services in stadiums or any venue with a high density of attendees.

One of the most interesting aspects of this new cognition paradigm is its exponential growth. Our brains are flexible and adaptative, computers are becoming so. They both accumulate learnings from the past to keep improving their performances. We are just at the beginning. At Sports Tomorrow, we want to unlock the potential ahead of us and explore together what’s next.

Who is the Sports Tomorrow Congress addressed to?

The Minds Behind the Game expands beyond sports to find solutions for many aspects of society. Athletes, coaches, analysts, doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, scientists, marketers, sports executives and professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs, AI and machine learning professionals. Sports Tomorrow takes a look into the future of technology applied to everyday life.

Knowledge is best when shared, and STC also provides the best opportunity to create connections with the most relevant professionals in the sector.

Sports Tomorrow Congress 2023. The minds behind the game

Very soon you will discover all the specific topics and speakers of STC23. The Minds Behind the Game proposes a journey towards discovering the potential of the brain through cognition, neuroscience and new technologies.

Join us to discover the importance of the brain to redefine our vision in areas such as:



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