Allianz Startup Challenge

Pushing sport performance to the limit

As we learn more about genetics, nutrition and biomechanics, and as we develop better types of technology, including virtual reality and computer vision, athletes will continue to improve their abilities and become capable of feats that were unimaginable decades ago.

That’s why sport science and technology are here to stay, to help athletes – professional and amateur – to optimise their performance.

Now it is your turn

We are in search of new initiatives and advances that will have a profound impact in sport.

Anything related to: smart fabrics, wearables, sensors, VR and AR, nutrition, data analytics, you name it!

Be a game-changer and join us

Many thanks to all the participants!
Submissions for this challenge are closed.

We have received more than 30 applications.

Now, the jury will select the 6 finnalists, who will present their proposals Nov. 8th on the Sports Tomorrow Congress stage.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover new solutions to push sports performance to the limit!